Teacher Training Courses

Are you interested in teaching English?

Many people who speak and enjoy English also enjoy teaching it to others. While having a strong knowledge of the language is necessary for a language teacher, it is not sufficient to start teaching. To be an effective language teacher, one needs to have preliminary knowledge of effective teaching principles and the basics of language pedagogy. Teacher Training Courses provide potential teachers with the skills needed to teach with confidence, knowing that they are on the right track. Later, they can improve and become more experienced teachers.

Teacher training courses offer an initial survival kit to inexperienced individuals, enabling them to put their best foot forward in the classroom, teach effectively, and help their students learn English efficiently. These courses are for any advanced user of English interested in becoming a language teacher, and Parseek graduates are especially welcome to take the course and meet the end-of-course requirements: three practical tests followed by 12 two-hour input sessions, to qualify and join the Parseek English teachers’ cohort.