Parseek institute

About Parseek

Parseek, established in 2009, offers high-quality language education services after receiving its official license from the Ministry of Culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Our experienced professionals have enabled us to successfully meet our educational and organizational goals since then. We offer a wide range of educational services, including communicative language classes for young, teenage, and adult learners, TOEFL and IELTS preparation courses, and English for specific purposes. Parseek has also been actively involved in offering customized English language courses for businesses, banks, financial organizations, and medical centers, in addition to our general English classes.

Our team of expert teachers has helped us expand our educational collaborations with international institutes, and we are proud to have gained the capacity to help our clients meet their language learning needs. We are committed to complying with all the rules and regulations of the nation, employing the most effective approaches to teaching and assessment, and assisting those who trust us in realizing their language learning goals. In addition to our mainstream language courses for learners, Parseek takes pride in its rich language teacher education program, enabling language teachers to become more professional practitioners, and proudly pushing the frontiers of education in our nation forward.

At Parseek, we define success in terms of the growth and triumph of our clients. Our motto “You grow, We grow” clearly states our vision and mission as a growing organization.

"Yow Grow, We Grow"